Chase Studio offers museum quality, freeze-dried and conventionally-mounted taxidermy services for your legally obtained specimens. Custom forms and interactive poses are our specialty. From a tiny Silky Pocket Mouse to the mighty American Bison, or a delicate Ruby-throated Hummingbird to a graceful Whooping Crane, no job is too big or too small.

Mammals up to the size of a rabbit, as well as birds smaller than a quail, are generally freeze-dried; larger mammals and birds are skin mounts using standard taxidermy processes. All specimens must be provided and shipped to us by the client. All specimens must be legally obtained and properly permitted. Instructions for preparing the specimens prior to shipping will be sent upon request. A copy of the appropriate permit must accompany all state and federally protected species. Chase Studio supplies taxidermy preparation services, not taxidermy specimens.

The re-use of old taxidermy mounts can present many problems for the Client and the exhibit fabricator. Many old taxidermy mounts have sustained long-term damage from insect infestations, overexposure to ultraviolet light, and other environmental factors. Arsenic and other dangerous toxins are often present in older taxidermy work. Advances in newly developed methods, modern forms, artificial eyes, and accessories have eclipsed the use of old techniques, armatures, and materials. For these reasons Chase Studio’s adopted policy regarding taxidermy is to employ only new taxidermy work for use in our exhibits. We can ensure insect-free mounts using safe and proven materials and techniques, correctly posed, and more fully integrated into the planned exhibit. The level of effort required to prepare new work is negligible when measured against the useful life of the exhibit.

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