Generations of research, experience, and collaboration with the world's foremost authorities insures scientific accuracy. Design, craftsmanship, and attention to detail make these some of the most realistic, enduring, and best loved natural history exhibits in the world today.

Since 1973, Chase Studio has designed and built thousands of natural history exhibits for over 250 museums and nature centers, establishing a worldwide reputation for attention to detail and scientific accuracy.

Long considered the benchmark in the field of museum exhibit arts, Chase Studio’s dioramas have depicted hundreds of complete habitat groups—terrestrial and marine—from the earliest Precambrian times to recently discovered deep sea vent communities.

Let our staff of scientists and artists help you realize your interpretive exhibit goals today.

Paleontological Reconstructions
Featured above is a sample of Chase Studio's paleontological dioramas showcasing marine life from the Precambrian through Paleozoic time periods.

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