Botanical Models

Chase Studio employs a wide variety of methods and materials for the production of museum-quality artificial foliage. Trees are constructed entirely from welded steel covered with epoxy or fiberglass "bark." The trees are highly detailed and extremely durable. Large tree trunks are cast in fiberglass to reproduce the original bark patterns in exact detail. Rubber molds are made from the real tree. Molds are also made from actual leaves so that every small vein is reproduced in the vacuum-formed foliage. Some leaf reproductions are so detailed that you can actually see the cell structure of the leaf under a microscope.

Flowering plants are constructed from a variety of materials -- mostly plastics. Leaves are usually cast in vacuum-formed co-polyester, which does not become brittle over time like vinyl and other plastics. The armatures are always made from steel wire; and other parts of the plant are cast in acetate, vinyl, latex, epoxy, polyester, urethane, or other materials. The plant models are designed to last indefinitely if maintained and cared for properly. All models can be fireproofed when required.