Wildlife Sculptures

From tree frogs that could rest on the tip of a finger to the largest of dinosaurs weighing many tons, Chase Studio can create animals of startling realism and accuracy in resin and bronze. Prototypes are usually sculpted in clay or wax over an armature of wood, welded steel, or urethane foam. From this original sculpture a mold is made using latex, silicone rubber, or fiberglass, (the molding medium of choice depending on the size and texture of the original). If the piece is to be cast in bronze or some other metal, wax casts are produced from the mold and used for the lost-wax or sand-cast processes to create the finished piece. They are usually fitted with glass eyes (and sometimes nylon whiskers), painted realistically, and over-sprayed with a protective matte finish. The completed sculptures are so life-like it is virtually indistinguishable from the real animals or taxidermy specimens.

Unlike taxidermy, these sculpture pieces can be easily cleaned and are not susceptible to insect infestation. They also can be used outdoors where they withstand the extremes of weather. Under such applications they are colored with light-fast pigments to prevent fading and are finished with industrial coatings that filter out UV light and protect the pieces from abrasion by wind-blown sediment.

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